Climate Week NYC Partners with Environmental Defense Fund to Mark the Start of a Critical Period for Climate Action

New York, NY – September 16, 2020 – Climate Week NYC is partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund on the Finance, Investment, and Jobs program to deliver a series of events on what countries, and the private sector, must do over the next year to address the climate challenge.  


Amy Davidsen, Executive Director, North America at the Climate Group, said: “We’re excited to partner with the Environmental Defense Fund, a leader in developing innovative solutions to the climate crisis. EDF brings a unique combination of private-sector credibility, political savvy, and scientific, policy and economic expertise – all of which helps set the stage for the urgent global action needed to tackle the climate crisis in the lead up to COP26. As we build a better future from a global pandemic, it’s more important than ever that we align investment capital and our economies with climate science.”     


This year’s Climate Week NYC will mark the beginning of a 14-month period, culminating with the UN climate negotiations in Glasgow next November (COP26), where the world will need to take critical steps toward meeting the Paris Agreement goals. 


Nathaniel Keohane, Senior Vice President for Climate at EDF, said: The American West is in flames. The Midwest is still recovering from unprecedented storms. The natural disasters affecting every corner of our country underscore the incredible urgency of addressing climate change. What happens between Climate Week NYC and next year’s climate conference in Glasgow will help shape the future of global climate action – and help determine the fate of the planet. This is a pivotal time to make progress and get the world on a path to low-carbon prosperity.  


To realize that vision, we need to put climate at the center of the economic agenda as countries rebuild better from the Covid-19 crisis. We need companies to take bold action to reduce their own carbon footprints and advocate for more effective policies, responding to the calls from their customers, investors, and employees. And we need the world’s largest emitters to ratchet up their ambition. The EU is leading the way with its newly announced target of reducing emissions by at least 55% from 1990 levels by 2030. China is poised to take bolder steps as well, building on its renewed ambition on carbon trading. What’s missing most is American leadership on climate – a critical ingredient if the world is to succeed.  


EDF will gather national and international experts to examine investing for a 100% clean economy and exploring global stimulus plans to rebuild better in the United States, EU and China. All the events EDF is hosting or participating in can be seen on the website 


Highlights include:  

  • Turning Climate Risk into Climate Progress: How the finance community can drive the transition to a 100% clean economy.  

  • Rebuild Better: Making Climate Central to a Post-Covid Economy.  

  • Zero Emissions Trucks and the Low Carbon Future. 


Read Keohane’s latest blog post on why Climate Week NYC 2020 marks a critical period for climate action. 

Climate Week NYC is the largest international climate summit taking place this year from September 21-27, 2020.


The events program is organized by 10 themes, including Youth, Mobilization and Justice, Industry and the Built Environment, Sustainable Travel and Tourism, Clean Energy Transition and more. 


All 400+ Climate Week NYC events happening around the world will be available to explore through the new Climate Week NYC mobile phone app. 



About Climate Week NYC
Climate Week NYC is the time and place where the world gathers to showcase amazing climate action and discuss how to do more. Run by The Climate Group, in association with the United Nations and the City of New York, Climate Week NYC annually brings together voices from across the spectrum to debate and implement climate action now.